Aerial Silks News January 2017

Holiday Cheers for a Happy New Years!

We are available for private, semi-private lessons, performances, small classes/parties during the holidays and beyond. We look forward to seeing you in the new year air soon!!!


  • New students buy 1 get one free, redeemable in 3 months.
  • Mention AERIAL-WINTER16 during Jan registration, and we'll sign you up for a special AerialSierra winter gift.
  • Injury attention special: if you are an existing AS student and are injured, please talk to our teachers about possible free drop in for restorative practice to work with your injury in supportive environment. We will only coach you, you are not officially part of class but can partake in all stretching and activity that feels ok for your injury. With advance notice, we can design class to accommodate your injury if possible.
  • Private and semi-private class cost is $65hr.

Check out our Facebook page for up to date schedules and info. 

Please Welcome Matt and His Flow Arts Starting Dec. 12th

Flow Arts is a body-mind activity like Yoga that helps us focus our minds at the same time we hone our physical abilities and develop hand eye coordination and build left brain and right brain separation. Many people describe their flow activity as a “moving meditation”. There are many health benefits to Flow Arts as well.

A skill-based movement art naturally brings more of our awareness to our bodies. As we use our muscles to control props through space and to dance with the props we are engaging in an easy and fun form of exercise. Many flow artists achieve a greater degree of fitness, and are even driven to do additional strength and flexibility training simply to perform better at their art.

Giving Back

During this season of Thanksgiving we are drawn from within ourselves to express our thanks for those working to improve our world and society. During this winter season we encourage you to recall the moments when your life was touched by someone acting out of compassion or altruism and consider they ways you might be able to give back to your community or world. 

At Mountain Sol Yoga we are proud to support the following local, regional, national, and international organizations with our gifts and services.


Thank You Jim Doney and Maya Rose!

We were lucky to have the special guest appearance of talented musicians Jim Doney and Maya Rose grace us with their presence on June 5th-7th. They performed and energized our studio with their beautiful Mandala Healing Music for those of you who were lucky to be in class those days. Please check out a short performance on their YouTube link:

We hope to have them visit again and wish them safe travels on their journey!