We believe in yoga.

Yoga picks you up. It calms you down. It keeps you honest. It teaches you that your smile will always be way more attractive than your abs, but it helps with the abs too. Yoga heals. It shows you peace, which makes it a lot easier to share peace with everybody else. It cultivates resilience and illustrates the power of pairing patience with persistence. Yoga lifts your spirit, opens your heart, sharpens your mind, nourishes your body, and provides a much needed training ground for the everyday trials of being human.

It is our experience that nothing is a bigger catalyst for positive change than the committed, regular practice of sitting at the center of your own undivided attention. If you already practice, you know what we're talking about. If you don't, we are excited for you to discover the many benefits of actively developing self-awareness. Either way, welcome to Mountain Sol. We very much look forward to sharing the experience of yoga with you.

 Deepest Namaste,

 jay co & the Mountain Sol family