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February 28 Day Yoga Commitment

Mountain Sol Yoga invites our students, teachers and community members to explore what a sustainable practice means to them by committing to a 28 consecutive day practice this February. Choose any day in the month of February to begin! With this 28 day commitment we make space in our lives to discover and experience what a stronger commitment to ourselves and our practice can do, and how our practice creates conditions to honor our own personal wisdom.

Commitment to all 28 days does not require asana (physical) practice every day nor practice at Mountain Sol Yoga. Each practice should, however, include one of the 8 limbs of yoga (see for in-depth information regarding each individual limb). You can practice at home, on a mountain, in a meadow for as much time as you can devote each day. Experience what it's like to carve out time for your practice, whether you're in the mood or not.

How does it work?

-Anyone can join! Sign up in-person at the studio beginning Thursday, February 1. Use your current unlimited class pass or class pack or sign up for a special discounted $80 unlimited 1 month pass specific to the commitment. If your current pass ends during the month, you are still eligible for the discounted month challenge price.
-Sign a commitment letter holding yourself accountable to both you and the studio and choose how often you would like to post check-ins on Facebook.
-Receive a commitment journal to document your experience, a pen and wristband bracelet signifying your commitment.
-Daily inspiration will be posted each day concerning the 8 limbs of yoga and tips for maintaining your commitment at the studio, FB and website.

When signing up you'll be entered in a drawing to receive a $50 Mountain Sol Yoga Gift Certificate and if you complete your 28 day commitment you'll receive a Mountain Sol Yoga water bottle!

Please join us for the month of February and receive the support of the community as you commit to yourself and your practice! We recognize and understand that practicing for 28 consecutive days can be challenging but it's the commitment to ourselves that makes it possible.

More information available at or inquire in person at the studio.