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Yoga Nidra & Sound Healing

Yoga Nidra, nidra meaning sleep, is the ancient practice of resting in an awakened state. Enter a deep state of relaxation in Yoga Nidra and Sound Healing with the sounds of voice, guitar, quartz crystal bowl, drum, didgeridoo and specifically designed tuning forks for activating the chakras. Simply lying down, participants are first guided through a 61 point body scan and breath awareness meditation with sound healing bath to follow. The practice of yoga nidra with sound healing promotes deep rest, calmness and awakens the connection between mind, body and spirit. Reenter the world feeling deeper connection with yourself, a sense of well being and ease. 

As musicians and yoga instructors, Jason Wise and Margeaux Fraasa combine their love of both in a duet of soothing vibrations and guidance to the deepest point of conscious relaxation.

Cost: $15-20 Sliding Scale Donation

Space is limited to 20, Sign Up Now!