See our Mammoth Yoga Studio offerings

  • We provide props you might need for your practice and also use infrared heaters during our infrared/heated classes to help detoxify the body and decrease stiffness and pain. We have a small retail area offering yoga mats, props, jewelry, essential oils and other treasures. 

  • We understand that you may not have a personal yoga mat or are traveling. To accommodate you, we provide yoga mats and props to use free of charge for your practice. We only ask that you wipe down your mats with the provided mat cleaner and hang them to dry by the prop storage shelf. There are also hand towels to use during heated and hot classes. Please place the towels in the laundry hamper provided after use.

  • Please remove shoes upon entering the studio and place belongings in the cubicles provided or hang items on a hook in the front or back area of the studio.

  • Be respectful of the space and fellow practitioners by turning cell phones off or to a silent setting to minimize interruptions during a practice.

  • We understand that life happens and you occasionally might arrive a few minutes late to the studio. Please enter quietly and wait in the front area for opening meditation to transition to movement or when instructed to enter by the teacher. We graciously ask you to consider another class time if you are more than 5 minutes late.

  • If you arrive early for your class and another class is finishing please wait outside the front door quietly until class is complete.

  • There is a restroom inside the studio for your convenience with additional public restrooms behind Black Velvet Coffee.

  • Hydrate well before a physical practice and bring a water bottle with you. Please eat/drink at least 2 hours before a heated practice or an ashtanga or vinyasa flow practice.



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