Mountain Sol Yoga offers a non-dogmatic setting for yoga, meditation, wellness/educational workshops and community events. We believe it is important to make yoga accessible for EVERYONE by offering specialty classes, donation based classes, and special discount pricing. We have a diverse group of teachers each individual in their knowledge, experience and offerings.

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For us, yoga is about community and the connections we create between ourselves and our students, whether you come frequently to our studio or just visit once. We all come from different walks of life and carry individual stories but we share a desire to learn and grow.

May it be your teacher, neighbor, friend, dentist, doctor or ski lift operator, we are all here as students. While the physical practice of yoga may have several health benefits, yogic teachings encourage us to turn within ourselves to honor our intuitive wisdom. Learning to be mindful and present on the mat teaches us to be mindful and present in our busy lives. By taking the opportunity to disconnect from the external world (traffic, noise, electronic devices etc) yoga gives us a chance to reconnect and put our energy into love, kindness and compassion.  This transpires into our daily lives and interactions, living from a place of love and light instead of darkness and hate.

Studio founder Kira, moved to Mammoth Lakes from Seattle, WA where she had worked as a critical care nurse. This is where she started her practice eventually becoming a certified teacher and teaching at her neighborhood studio. Yoga helped to generate her belief in the value of integrating western medicine with eastern medicine and philosophies to create a holistic approach to wellness. Missing her close knit yoga community in Seattle and diverse yoga offerings, she was inspired to grow and develop it here in Mammoth Lakes. With the help of fellow yogini and ayurvedic practitioner, Erin (another former nurse), Mountain Sol Yoga has been able to integrate Ayurveda (the sister science of yoga) and Ayurvedic Medicine to be one of the many wellness offerings out of Mountain Sol Yoga. Erin harbors a passion for Ayurveda and is currently working towards completing her internship as an Ayurvedic Practioner. She offers Ayurvedic consults by appointment in her office and educational workshops through the studio. Click here to learn more about Erin Koehler or schedule an appointment.